Vellai Pookal Movie Download 2019

  Vellai Pookal Movie Download 2019

The movie Vellai Pookal acted by Vivek this is a really great movie for all those Tamil movie fans
 the delivering of seems a bit lazy but yeahhh,  delivery and dialogues are written really well
The acting scenes  are a bit unprofessional as there are many instances where the actors actually wait to deliver the dialogues and you can see them waiting actually feel
the American actors in this also don’t stand up to the quality people deserve
Moreover there is a scene in which the background is supposed to be looking like a police station with details that does not seem more like a police station because in India there most in every police station in Gandhiji’s photo and in that scene there was no photo there.
Now talking about the videography the film wasn’t actually much of a professional filme in  terms of videography rather it look like a film which was recorded by handycam
The lead actor of the film is Vivek is gifted to solve crimes he gets instant and by that he kinds of put himself in the place of the criminal and by which he solves almost every crime.
you will come across a scene in starting of the movie when Vivek is shown to kill a family which is actually not in real and is does the perception of Vivek trying to solve yet another crime.
This is the thing which I liked about the movie The most and is really  brilliant.
In this movie Rudra which is a retired police officer which goes to America with for meeting his son the fatherson  relationship of them wasnt actually great from the past 3 years
The reason is that his son a married and American woman despite his father opposing the decision
 after 3 years Rudra is retired .
his son lives  in America with her wife and rudran visits america to get in touch with his son again.
This is enough for the review I want spoil the movie for you
 movie is  actually great a watche if you are looking to burn some time
Some acting scenes are really great in this event in America involved in solving which was happened in his neighbourhood this is all movies all about.

Now you might be thinking whether to watch this movie or not? My recommendation is go for it as it is the best tamil movie I have watched so far and I really really like the movie.

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Thank you so much for reading this article. I hope you SUCCESSFUlly downloaded the movie Vellai Pookal.
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