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KatMovieHD | Download Movies For Free In HD from Kat Movies

Downloading movies is a hectic task but katmovies.com makes it super easy for you.

You can literally download amazing movies from KatMovieHD and all the best resolution you want.

Honestly, KatMovieHD is the best.

You can download movies of 

  • 144p
  • 240p
  • 360p
  • 480p
  • 720p
  • 1080p

And it depends on all your choice !

I will give you all websites from which you can download movies of any category.

From Punjabi Movies to Telugu To Bollywood To Hollywood I have every movie covered and you will surely enjoy. SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE LIST 

It has been years KatMovies has been providing the best movies out there.

Lets dive into the world of movies and give you a list of all those websites from where you can download movies from katmovies in HD.


This is the list of sites from which you can select the movie you want to download and you will successfully be able to download the movie of your choice !


katmoviehd.eu katmoviehd.to
katmoviehd-com katmoviehd.in
katmoviehd.it katmoviehd.tv




I am very satisfied by the performance of this website.

This has helped me download the latest movie Dabangg 3 and I am very happy with the speed and the efficiency of this website. 

It really surprises me that a lot of people dont even know about this website and it so sad.

The developers have really put in excellent amount of efforts for this movie site to succeed and this is really shocking that google also de indexes this site a lot of times.



This site is for indians specifically as you can see the .in domain extension used in the domain name of this movie site. I have been using this site and this site is really fast loading. I dont know what magic has the owner of this site done but it is really magical and amazing that how fast this site loads and downloads my movies.

I have a really slow internet connection with negligible speed but still this site makes the download easy.

If you download a 1 GB movie it will save half of your data it is that efficient.

If you do not believe me you can go and try it out yourself.

Try using this websites for amazing results because I used it and I got amazing results so it is necessary you will get next to amaing results too.

This site is very reliable because I have been using it from past 6 months and have faced no lags, virus, issue and any kind of problems.



A lot of people think that this site is not good but this is a huge misconception.

People should first try out downloading from this katmovie site and then judge.

This site has never crashed and is delivering the top notch expirence that any site can probably give for free.

Do you know what makes this site unique and stand out of other sites ?

It provides latest movies which are updated on a hourly basis !!! It updates the site with new movies every day so that you dont have to go and buy tickets to expensive movie theaters when you can just enjoy the same at the convinence of your very own house.

I now enjoy movies sitting at home eating popcorn and making memories with help of this website.



Just like a normal person, when I downloaded this website I was not having enough trust for this website that will it give me what I want and with full honesty,

I was surprised and happy once I saw the latest movie which has not even released in theatres and it was available to download here in HD. 

I highly recommend this website and it is in the list of one of my favourites and alwyas it has made me and my family happy.



No one can ever complaint about this website because it is simply amazing. From the content to the customer support.

Once I was facing problem in downloading a movie from this katmoviehd site and I contacted the customer support regarding this, to my surprise they actually responded withing few minutes and they also sent me a working link of movie download and I was really happy by that gesutre of them.

I really trust this website now.



This site is for those people who want to download movies at a lower resolution / quality because they dont provide hd movies.

They provide comparatively low quality movies and the movies are not updated regulary but you will surely get the movie after a few days of the official release of the movie. 

It is really fast because you download the movies at a low size and it is easy and quick process to enjoy.



This website has everything sorted and this is the main feature of this website which makes it unique in every single way.

It has all the genres specified and you can select any category of movie from here and this site has movies from every country.

My german friend also got the movie he wanted to watch and he was successfully able to stream the movie in his native language so this website has now earned my trust on to another level and I am thinking forward to use this website more and more.



This site contains movie of outside of India only and that is why it makes it unique.

It contains hollywod movies but dubbed in hindi so you will enjoy english movies in hindi audios which is an amazing thing and nothing can acutally be better than this.

This gives you amazing expirence if you want to watch movies that foreigner watch with ease and comfort.



Best bollywood and hollywood movies for your entertainment is provided free of cost by this website and also the owner is supportive and friendly . 




It allows flawless streaming and so you can enjoy your favourite movies with your friends always. Anytime !!!

How To Download A Movie From KatMovie | Easy Steps To Download

Downloading from this amazing movie site is super easy and just a matter of few clicks !

  1. You just have to visit the website listed below ( Just have to copy and paste them in your browser or google ) 
  2. Visit any websie of KatMovie you like from 
  3. Select the movie you want to download from the site or search for the movie from there
  4. Download the movie by clicking the download button !

How To Download Movies From KATMOVIEHD ?

  • Kat Movies and Kat Movie HD are same and you just have to follow the same instructions you did for Kat Movies to download to the movies you want. The steps are listed just above this paragraph.

Latest Movies Updated On Kat Movies & Kat Movies HD

  • Dabangg 3
  • Good Newzz
  • Star Wars 
  • Mardaani 2
  • Jumanji: The Next Level
  • Pati Patni Aur Woh
  • Ardab Mutiyaran
  • Nikka Zaildar 3
  • Surkhi Bindi
  • Naukar Vahuti Da

And many more !!!


Is it safe to download Movies From KAT MOVIES ?

 Yes it is absolutely safe to download movies from this website and also it has adfree layouts to support your User Experience. 

Sometimes you may face the problem of security or ads and that is obvious because not everytime the developer is making the site adfree.

For additional security you can always use VPN because  it provides encryption which security your website and device amazingly well.

 it is not necessary that always you will get a smooth experience from these kind of websites.

 you should always check whether the site is providing the link for the movie or not.

 you can use many such as nord VPN Turbo VPN and infinity  VPN and any VPN you like.

Katmovies official page

The official Kat movies site  is linked down and you can check this page out and it is given in the list of websites above the starting of the article.

It started by a web developer which was very keen to help people and provide movies for free.

Google has taken down and deindexed the site a lot of times but the owner always comes up with alternative.

Is Catmovie same or different than Kat Movie ?

Catmovie is the same as Kat Movies as ti contains the same movies and everything same. 

The layout is also the same and people usually think that these two are different but they both are the same.

Alternatives To Kat Movies



  1. Filmywap is the main platform for free download for Punjabi Films.
  2. If you’re tired of google searching for movies and don’t get real download links then you might access nearly all the latest Punjabi movies free of charge from this website.
  3. Filmywap Not only does Punjabi Movies show, there will be loads of other movies as well as Bollywood, Hollywood, Bangla Movies. Filmywap Recently released Download Punjabi Films.
  4. This website provides Punjabi Hd Upload Movies of All Film Types.



  1. This website is also a very good website as it provides for streaming all Punjabi videos.
  2. This website’s output is quite impressive.
  3. Also the website user interface is very nice that you can access any other new Punjabi video.
  4. Only write the name and import the movie you like and this is the biggest thing about this website.



  1. Because of its unique characteristics, this website is quite popular with its users.
  2. This website offers you the newest preview of Punjabi Films even on a Release Date.
  3. Punjabi Movies can be downloaded easily and you can also find all kinds of movies like Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Marathi Movies.


How To Download From These Sites ?

  • Go to the site
  • Select the movie
  • Select the resolution
  • Click on Download


Kat Movie HD Proxy

Some of the countries don’t like this website so they have blocked the IP address of this site.

They don’t want you to visit the site.

There are many countries like this because this site provides movies for free and this is the reason they do it.

Simply use any simple VPN.

Download VPN from Play Store and if you are downloading the movies from Chrome Browser on your laptop or PC, visit the Chrome web store and from there you can download a VPN you like

What VPN will do is it will unblock the site with the help of proxy and you just have to connect to the VPN and it will do everything for you.

Some of our recommended VPN

  • Expressvpn
  • Nord VPN
  • Infinity VPN
  • Turbo VPN

Do you need to register or sign up for downloading the movies from Kat movies or not ?

The answer is no.

You don’t need any of the registration or sign up process for downloading the movies from Kat movies and Kat movies HD.

It’s free of cost and no signup is required.

You can just go to the site which are provided and download the movie from there without any hassle.


Piracy is illegal and we do not encourage you to download any of the movies from this kind of sites.

You should go for reputed and legal sites like 

 Because they provide you movies safely and legally.

Stream movies from there which is always safe to download and they have zero possibility of viruses and also they are really fast and terms of downloading.

I will link out to all the sites on so that you can directly check them out.

Sometime the developers insert viruses and malware so it is better to check for then and on a safer side.

I highly recommend you to Rather Go and  watch these movies in theatre and respect the producer because they put in a lot of efforts and a lot of money into making these movies.

KatMovieHD Apk

Features of KatMovieHD App

  • Fast Downloads
  • Super fast and responsive servers
  • 0 bugs and crashes
  • No Virus
  • No Malwares
  • No Trojan Virus
  • Fully Safe
  • Secured
  • Light Weight App
  • User friendly interface


Version v6
Size 10 MB
Price FREE
Movies 1 Million+ Latest 

If you are looking to download desired flms you want on your mobile phone device then the best option for you might be KatMovieHD app. 

It has a unique and amazing smooth user interface which helps you watch movies,stream and download the movies  on your mobile phone with just a single click.

There are a lot of categories divided and you can actually select any category of movie and it will definitely work and you will be able to download the movie.

It supports every resolution you want, be it 144p or 1080p. It has got you covered.

You might wonder whether the app is for Android or iOS ?

The app is available for both of the softwares. I will proivde the link and you will be able to download it within a few click with ease.

The size of the app is 10mb so you wont face a problem downloading it and the list in the app gets update very frequently too.

It is always advisable to use WiFi because the movies can be of huge size and downloading it by mobile data can exhaust it very easily.


So now you will get the apk successfully.

Which type of movies can you download from KATMOVIEHD APK ?
You will have a wide variety of options,

You can download –







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