How To Reset JioFi (EASY STEPS)

How To Reset JioFi (EASY STEPS) 

There are several instances where you have to share the ID and Password of your JioFI Device. It might be with friends, family, relatives, etc.  This has happened to me once. My relatives were hanging out in my house and suddenly one got very important work to complete. His internet wasnt working great so he asked me whether I could share the id password of my Jiofi and I was bound to give him. He was using so much of it even after his work was completed. I decided that I have to change the password now but I did not know what and even how to do it. If you want to know how to reset jiofi then this article is for you. Enjoy!

There are different models of Jiofi – 2, 3, 4, 5. In this article you will get a solution to change the password of every jiofi in the market.

Basic Guide.
Every router or a wifi device comes with a reset button and by pressing that button you can reset your jiofi and thats a great method you can follow if you just want to set the id password to the basics. In your device, it is located near battery. You need to open the case cover for that.

How To Hard Reset JioFi

Steps – 

  1. Remove the back case (cover) of your JioFi which has the battery inside it.
How To Reset JioFi
  1. You can see a text written as RESET over there near the WPS button
How To Reset JioFi
  1. Check for a small hole near the reset in which a small button is present. Use it for factory reset of your JioFI device. 
How To Reset JioFi

How To Use The Button In The Hole Near The RESET button?

  1. Insert a sim ejector pin in the hole.

How To Reset JioFi
  1. You willl feel a button inside the hole.
  2. Press it and hold for nearly 60 seconds.
  3. After 60 seconds, the device will start blinking and it will restart automatically and your reset is done.
How To Reset JioFi

How To Reset JioFi

How To Change The Password Of JioFI device?

  1. Connect to the jiofi device by your phone/ laptop/ pc/ tablet.
  2. Go to  –  jiofi.local.html/index.html      this website.
How To Reset JioFi
  1. The website will ask you to enter ID and Password.
How To Reset JioFi
  1. By default, the ID PASSWORD are set as administrator. Enter the details.
  1. You can just browse through the account and change your jiofi password with an ease.
How To Reset JioFi

What JioFi actually Is?

JioFi is a portable wifi hotspot which lets you connect a lot of users at one single time and you get a considerable

internet speed in every device too. You have to insert a Jio SIM CARD inside the device. One charge can last you
about 8 – 9 hours. However talking about user reviews, the users arent much satisfied. The most common issue was slow
internet speed. Many users havent even touched the speed in MBs. Jio has a lot of users. More than you can imagine so the
adverse effect of this is that people nowadays do not get a good speed. It has 2300 mah battery and that is the only
good feature in this device according to users.However if your house is near a Jio tower then it can be a great thing for you.
Try it out.
I hope you got how to reset jiofi in a few quick steps. Watch this video if you need a live practical.

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