How To Delete Whatsapp Group (FASTEST WORKING METHOD) 2019

How To Delete Whatsapp Group (FASTEST WORKING METHOD) 2019

WhatsApp provides us with an excellent opportunity to keep in contact with relatives, colleagues or colleagues. We addressed how consumers can use WhatsApp to share pictures on mobile phones in a previous manual. We have since obtained feedback from WhatsApp customers wondering if there is any easier way to send pictures to the relatives and enable them to download pictures through WhatsApp to their mobile phone. Luckily, WhatsApp is called the WhatsApp Group function. WhatsApp Group Chat allows you to chat each moment with up to 256 individuals other than one individual.

How To Delete Whatsapp Group
How To Delete Whatsapp Group

WhatsApp groups, based on the community you are a member or a part of, can be irritating or unpleasant.
 Some groups are very helpful and continuing to be their member makes sense.
 However, it is necessary to immediately mute the organizations that are irritating. And if this is feasible, you can also delete the group.

Delete Whatsapp Group Permanently,  But how can a WhatsApp group be deleted? It is not as straightforward as clicking the delete key.
 Why are you asking? Because there is no delete key in WhatsApp by default. To delete it, you must first leave the group. Confused? Don’t be that.

In this article, we will clear up all your confusions about deleting a WhatsApp group.


You will be the group’s’ Admin / Administrator’ whenever you make a group. And you have more power over others when you’re the admin. And it’s simple when it comes to group deletion.

  •  Select Group Info Bar at the top of the display 
  •  Scroll down to the bottom (you can find delete alternatives here) 
  •  Select and verify.


You must also have admin access to that specific group to delete a WhatsApp group. You may also delete the section if you are not an admin.
Although the said group will only be removed from your computer and you won’t be allowed to see that group’s texts and other media things on your device anymore. So just do as instructed below to delete a WhatsApp group from your computer.
  • Open your account for WhatsApp.
  • Go to the group you’d like to remove yourself from.
  • Tap the name of the group.
  • You will see all the incidental information for the group.
  • Simply scroll down to see the “Exit Group” choice.
  • A pop-up appears to verify your group exit.
  • Tap’ Exit’ again, and you won’t be the part of the group anymore.

HOW TO Mute or clear group conversation in WhatsApp

 Other than quitting or deleting a group from your device, WhatsApp also offers other alternatives that you can handle group chatting, like silencing a group chat as well as deleting group chat background. Without the irritating notifications, the former enables you to obtain WhatsApp emails, the later enables consumers extract group chat records from the device to recover more free storage room.
whatsapp is great but sometimes its necessary to clean up stuff that you dont actually need.

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