How To Delete Whatsapp Group Easily In A Few Clicks

How To Delete Whatsapp Group Easily In A Few Clicks

WhatsApp gives us a great way to stay in contact with families, friends and peers. Ever since, we have received questions if there is a better way of sending pictures to the family and allow them to mass send their pictures and videos or messages through the WhatsApp to their mobile phones. Luckily, WhatsApp has the WhatsApp Group feature. WhatsApp Group Chat allows you to chat with up to 256 people each time, apart from speaking to one person. A temporary WhatsApp group has sometimes been formed and ends after a period of time.In this article, I will tell you how to delete a whatsapp group quick and easy.

How To Delete Whatsapp Group Without Admin

Generally you must have admin access to that specific group in order to delete a WhatsApp group. You can also delete the group if you are not an admin.

Though the group is deleted from your phone only and the messages and other media stuff from that community can no longer be seen on your computer. Do as mentioned below to remove a group of WhatsApp only from your phone.

Steps –

  1. Open your account of WhatsApp.
  2. open the group you want to delete
  3. Tap on the name of the group
  4. All the details about the group will be shown.
  5. Just scroll down to see the “Exit Group link.
  6. Your exit from the group will appear as a pop-up.
  7. Tap’ Leave’ again and you won’t be the member anymore.

Although you won’t be the group member, the group doesn’t end in your chat history.
Visit the Group Info window again to delete a group
Scroll down to search for the Delete Group link.
Tap on it. Click on it.
The group disappears from the histories of your conversation.
You can thus get rid of your device’s unwanted groups When you delete the group you will not receive messages or photos and videos from the community in the same way as mentioned above. You wont receive a notification but the other group members will get a notification that you left the group.

How To Delete Whatsapp Group Permanently By Admin On Android / iOS

An administrator always has the authority to delete a WhatsApp group made by him or another user. How an admin can delete a WhatsApp group If an admin leaves and removes  the group, all the members and participants of the group are automatically removed.

It implies that if an admin deletes the group, although they are not out of the group , all participants can not communicate. Follow the steps below to permanently delete any WhatsApp account: Open your WhatsApp account.

Steps –

  1. Go to the group you wanna remove
  2. Tap the name of the group
  3. All the members of the group are mentioned.
  4. Delete all participants from the group by using your admin rights.
  5. Click on the “Leave group option after deleting all members.
  6. The choice “Delete Group will then appear.
  7. Click on the button “Delete.”

And this is to permanently delete any WhatsApp group when you are an administrative officer. It works seamlessly on all iPhone and Android devices.


Whatsapp groups are no doubt a great way to connect to your friends and family all at once, but sometimes some spammers may add you up in unwanted groups which results in a  lot of spam messages and the messages you dont want to see. To help get rid of that sometimes it is necessary to delete a whatsapp group. I hope you liked the article and it helped you out getting out of the whatsapp group you wanted to. This article was about how to delete whatsapp group and I hope you liked it thanks.

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