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Set Jio Caller Tune With One Click [Jio Caller Tune App]

Set Jio Caller Tune With One Click [Jio Caller Tune App]

Set Jio Caller Tune With One Click [Jio Caller Tune App]

So a lot you might be wondering ways to set Jio Caller Tune and flaunt your amazing new caller tune in front of your friends while they call you. IF YES, you are at the right place because in this article you will get every single possible way to set your favorite jio caller tune. 
First, a quick introduction about Jio. If you want to jump straight to the point then scroll down a little and see the content straight away.

Reliance Jio is really a blessing for Indians as they provide internet connection at such a cheap rate that everybody is now able to access it and Jio even had made its services free for the first  6 to 7 months it entered the market. Jio has recently tied up with saavn and now there is an app named JioSaavn which provides free music streaming to people and additional benefits to Jio users. We also have a set as a callertune option in jio which means whichever song you select will be set as a caller tune and the song will be played automatically when someones call you instead of that boring dial tone which is very irritating. 

How To Set Jio Caller Tune 

There are several steps by which you can set Jio caller tune from ussd codes to messaging feature to JioSaavn app. We HAVE GOT EVERYTHING COVERED IN THIS ARTICLE.
Happy NEWS- You can set Jiotune of almost any single song available in Jiosaavn app, now be it international, Bollywood, traditional, Hollywood, etc.


Method 1 - Set Jio Caller Tune using Jio Saavn App

Set Jio Caller Tune With One Click [Jio Caller Tune App]Set Jio Caller Tune With One Click [Jio Caller Tune App]

Step 1 - Search for "Jio Saavn" In Playstore Or IOS App Store And Download It

Step 2 - Go in the app and search for the song you want to set as your jio caller tune.

Step 3 - Click on the 3 dots and click set as jiotune.
You will soon get a confirmation message that you just recently changed your JioTune and then after a few seconds, the jio tune will be successfully set.

Method 2 - Set Caller Tune Using SMS method

Step 1 - Go to your SMS app on your mobile phone and send SMS “JT” to 56789 and then soon you will receive an SMS that will further ask for some more details.
Step 2 - Your next message should be something like this 
MOVIE <Name of the movie of the song you want to set > and Send it to 56789 
ALBUM <name of the album of the song you want to set as jiotune> and Send it to 56789
SINGER <name of the singer of the song > and Send it to 56789
Step 3 - You will get another message for confirmation and after that, all you have to do is type Y and send it. You will be done setting your Jio Caller Tune 

Do You want to set Jio Tune which your friend has and want to set it your phone too?

It's pretty easy. Call your friend and when the call starts ringing press " * " and then after the call Jio will send you a message to confirm that if you really want to set the caller tune your friend as and all that you have to do is press " Y " and send it to the number from which the message came from and you will be done. That's all.
NOTE- many users have still not updated the jio music app to jio saavn app so if you are one of them then please update the app or you won't be able to set the jiotune the way I told you to set

Now, many people set wrong jio tune by mistake or sometimes wish to change the jiotune they have so to do that,

How to deactivate Jio Caller Tune

  • Call 155223 to deactivate Jio caller tune 
  • send an SMS “STOP” to 56789 to stop the caller tune service on Jio number.
Both of these methods work in the case of deactivating your jio caller tune.


this was the article. I hope you got the answer you needed and this article helped you a lot. Thank you for reading.

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