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Easiest Method To Change Your JioFi Password | How to change jiofi password

Easiest Method To Change Your JioFi Password | How to change jiofi password

Easiest Method To Change Your JioFi Password | How to change jiofi password

JioFi is a versatile 4G WiFi hotspot gadget distributed by Reliance Digital. This hotspot has a slot for 4G Jio SIM that enables you to use the internet from the Jio sim and the hotspot is by the jiofi device which acts like a portable and super handy wifi router. The MSP or the best quality of this particular device is that you can connect various devices at the same time to access the internet through this quirky device.

JioFi is an individual hotspot gadget that can suit cell phones and workstations to get to the 4G rapid internet.

In the ongoing years, we have seen an unexpected advancement in the telecom business. Which incorporates, the manner in which Indian clients utilize the web and other telecom administrations. A year ago, Reliance Digital thought of another telecom brand named JIO serving on 4G innovation. Jio likewise gave complimentary offers including Unlimited 4G information utilizations/calls/administrations and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Prior, on the off chance that somebody needed to utilize an internet offer by JIO, they were expected to buy LYF handset and access the complimentary free internet and calling data. Later on, Reliance Digital presented another gadget called JIOFi, a convenient hotspot to get to rapid web.

But it is not always like that. If there are a lot of devices accessing your jiofi at the same time then you can suffer from very less internet speed which is not good at all. Sometimes there are people who hack into your jiofi or somehow manage to get your password and you are left with only one option and that is to change the password of your jiofi. Many people do not know how to change your jiofi password and so get stuck in a very bad condition. In this article, you will get a tutorial on how to change your jiofi password in a very fast method/way.

How to change your JioFi password ?

  1. In the first place, you should connect your gadget/device to the JioFi hotspot gadget. This should be possible either with a wireless connection [hotspot] or with a USB link. On the off chance that you don't have a link, you'll need to make do with the hotspot/wifi 
  2. Once connected open your browser, type "" in the address bar.
  3. You'll see a button labeled as "Login" in the upper right corner of the page. Press it.
  4. Enter the Login ID and password ("administrator" by default).
  5. Find the Settings tab.
  6. Press "Wi-fi settings".
  7. Now you'll see a list of options including the option to change the password and the name of the device/network.
  8. Enter whatever name and password you've chosen and hit "Save".

How to prevent someone from hacking into your JioFi?

If hacking approaches your wifi, it is extremely unlikely you can stop somebody hacking into your wi-fi. But there is a  chance that you stop them to have an entrance to your wi-fi regardless of whether they have your wi-fi's password, you can do this by setting up default MAC address in to "Allow Only"  for a specific wi-fi. Since, on the off chance that somebody knows the password, if their gadget's MAC address is not recorded in the access list, they won't most likely use it.
You can also

1.Set encryption to WPA2-PSK and algorithm to AES.
2.Set a strong password for both wifi network and web interface.
3. Disable SSID Broadcast.
4. Turn on MAC filtering.
5. Disable WPS.

You can set a really strong password to prevent hackers from cracking your password. Your password should contain Uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols. It makes it tough to guess and crack.

In  case if you still didnot understand, here a video tutorial for you.


this was all about how you can basically change your jiofi password in the easiest possible way. thanks for reading the article.



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