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Top 5 Amazing Websites (SECRET) 2019

Top 5 Amazing Websites (SECRET) 2019

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Mostly for entertainment, as we usually explore the internet , we felt we should share some 5 amazing websites that we assume were exciting and also helpful. Some platforms give dedicated internet streaming service (not pirate) while others are just a location to explore.  There are hundreds of thousands of stunning articles on the internet. some of these websites are really helpful and incredible. I'm going to be telling you all the  amazing website on the internet in this post. And I'm sure you're going to say you liked these 5 amazing websites.

1. Canva

Top 5 Amazing Websites

 You may quickly make logos and posters from this website if you really want to build a professional logos or some other sort of poster design. 

     The awesome thing about the above website is that this is safe to use and without any kind of graphic understanding you can effectively create your logos. In the above website you would also discover many helpful functions to assist you create skilled or lovely designs and logos. 

     You can create resumes, spreadsheets, cards to visit, invite cards, business cards and so much more. the logo you could see in my website is created by this amazing website. You can alter and change your designs as well as logos according to your requirements

2.  Essay Typer

Top 5 Amazing Websites

This website is really helpful for you when you are a university or college student. If you are unable to write an essay on a topic in English, don't fear, this is the answer. Once you visit this website you'll see the same kind of interface, In this section you'll write the title for the topic you want to write an essay. 
   For example, I went to write essay on India I will just be writing India and then clicking on the icon of the pencil. The article will be automatically ready in a matter of time. its amazing

3. 10Minutemail 

Top 5 Amazing Websites

10Minutemail is often used because , for 10 minutes it can give you a mail address to use. In 10 minutes, your email address and emails will destroy yourself. You don't have to fill out a form, just open this website and it will display your temporary email address on the homepage.


Top 5 Amazing Websites

Can't discover streaming facilities for movies? See no more. Get what is popular and what service it belongs doesn't matter, Hulu, Netflix or Amazon. If it's a tv show or film you want it would be found by the search engine and then you can stream it.

5.  Pixel Thoughts

Top 5 Amazing Websites

Meditate and enjoy, this website's objective. Enter a thought. Click finished then. Then follow instructions and "woo saaa" you won't stupidly smack that man.

I hope you liked this article about top 5 AMAZING WEBSITES and read it from top to bottom. Please comment and share!!!

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Good Morning Inspirational Quotes With Images In Hindi 2019

Good Morning Inspirational Quotes With Images In Hindi 2019

Hi guys in this article I am going to show you good morning quotes inspirational in hindi text
 and good morning quotes in hindi with photo,
and  good morning quotes in hindi for whatsappgood morning quotes in hindi font also i will show you good morning in hindi images stay tuned.

Good Morning Inspirational Quotes With Images In Hindi

                                           good morning quotes inspirational in hindi text

Good Morning Inspirational Quotes With Images In Hindi

                                           good morning quotes in hindi with photo

Good Morning Inspirational Quotes With Images In Hindi

                                                    good morning quotes in hindi for whatsapp

Good Morning Inspirational Quotes With Images In Hindi

                                               good morning quotes in hindi font

Good Morning Inspirational Quotes With Images In Hindi

                                               good morning images hindi new

Good Morning Inspirational Quotes With Images In Hindi

                                                     good morning images in hindi hd

I hope you got all the good morning inspirational quotes with images in hindi and enjoyed the article .

Movie Download Punjabi Latest 2019 | FILMYWAP & OKPUNJAB

Movie Download Punjabi Latest 2019 | FILMYWAP & OKPUNJAB

Movie Download Punjabi Latest 2019 | FILMYWAP & OKPUNJAB

Punjabi movies have been discovering more categories like sci-fi, comedy film, violent action film, etc. in Punjabi films. Often finding a good website for downloading Punjabi movies has become hard. Here's this post here in which I share links for free download the greatest and the best  Punjabi movies website list. You can watch or download all the newest Punjabi movies out of this internet list of Punjabi films.

Punjabi movies are famous because of their comedy movies. They create proper family films without a doubt that we can comfortably watch  these movies with our family. Punjabi cinema has grown bigger and larger  in the previous few years. Movies are becoming a daily member for fun of our lives. From movies we discover too many stuff. Many movies prompt young people to do wonderful things.


Movie Download Punjabi Latest 2019 | FILMYWAP & OKPUNJAB

Filmywap is really the biggest website for Punjabi Movies for Free download. If you're sick of google searching for movies and don't get real download links than you might download almost all of the new Punjabi movies out of this website for free. Filmywap Don't just Offers Punjabi Movies  ,  there will be lots of many other movies and also Bollywood, Hollywood, Bangla Movies. Filmywap Quite often Upload Punjabi Movies Recently released This Website provides You All Movie Types Punjabi Hd Download Movies


Movie Download Punjabi Latest 2019 | FILMYWAP & OKPUNJAB

This website is also a very good website as it really provides all Punjabi movies Download the performance of this website is quite amazing the user interface of the website is also very good you can actually download every other new Punjabi movie you want to write the name and you can download the film you want to  and this is  the greatest thing about this website.


Movie Download Punjabi Latest 2019 | FILMYWAP & OKPUNJAB

 This website contains Hd Print New Punjabi Movies on a Launch Day and now Guys This website is really famous based on such a Movie Print You Could get New Punjabi Movie from such a website in HD 1080p or 720p.

For downloading a film you may just click onto the top picture of a movie poster AND after tapping on the poster you will directly link to the  new tab that will arrive in the same second and display you the movie information, the movie lineup, the trailer as well as the download Link you may also find the movie script


Movie Download Punjabi Latest 2019 | FILMYWAP & OKPUNJAB

This website is quite famous with its visitors due to its highly unique characteristics, this website provides you with the latest Punjabi Movies Download on even a Release Day so you can download all Punjabi Movies from here to some extent but if you remove them you can quickly download Punjabi Movies and also you can find all kinds of movies like Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, Marathi Movies


Ok jatt is among the finest download pages for Punjabi films. You can access the latest free download links of Punjabi films here. The site's layout is easy and even a kid can access it with an ease Here you can quickly discover films. You can also download Bollywood movies, Hollywood dubbed films and South Indian movies as well as Punjabi movies.

this was all. I hope you liked the article

how to download any movie using uTorrent

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Top 10 Best Dictionary Apps For Android 2019

Top 10 Best Dictionary Apps For Android 2019

Best Android Dictionary Apps are the best choice if you're soft in English speaking.
 I will share some of the finest dictionary applications in this article. It's very helpful to put on your phone a dictionary app that can assist you to find out immediately meaning of any word
 I'm sure you've heard about a lot of words many times, and you don't understand it's significance. Well, you will now.
The greatest platform for learning something fresh is Android.

If we're using Android mobile properly, it's not just a gadget that's much more than it is, it's like a teacher who understands all. We can know anything, even if we use our Android mob to finish any course at home.
Top 10 Best Dictionary Apps For Android 2019

Not only does it work internet, but it also demonstrates the significance of vulgar or insulting phrases, is the most exciting thing about this dictionary. There is a choice to switch' on' or' off' on the basis of your demand. For your personal computer, WordWeb is also accessible. You can google it on your desktop and install it.

Below is the link for your guide to the play store.

Oxford Dictionary
Best Dictionary App for Android Dictionary Apps You all understand about Oxford, it's the greatest dictionary book in the world.
Now it also provides Android mobile Dictionary app. It offers offline dictionary containing words, sentences, and vocabulary of 3.5 lakhs. It also offers thousands of study phrase from the Oxford English Corpus to its updates.  This app is downloaded by about 50 million customers. From the Play store you can download it .

Merriam Webster
Merriam webster dictionary is pretty nice as it has a lot of characteristics and simple to comprehend explanations. I use the same personally and suggest the same thing to you!

 English dictionary by Livio
  . Unlike some other dictionaries, you need to download big documents for offline functionality.

  • Neat. It's not that clunky. Most of the phrase you're looking for can be separated from a random phrase to extend your vocabulary.
  • Pronunciation. It can talk out a few challenging phrases so you understand how they're spoken.
  • Sentences. It provides illustrations of how to use the term in a phrase.
  • Translations. Most of the phrases are translated into languages other than English. Find Definitions for English Words for Android
The Android app from is free and very intelligent–it prompts you to download all the required offline documents after installation, so you can take benefit of it without linking to the web. By accessing the archive, you can access terms in both English and Spanish, as well as reference phrases that you have studied in the past.

The Android app is suitable for all devices running on this operating system, including BlackBerry phones, most Samsung phones, and many tablets. At the start, you need an internet or Wi-Fi connection to download the documents and install the app. Once you have accomplished that, you can appreciate it securely.


The Free Dictionary–Best Free Dictionary App 
The Free Dictionary app is the finest Dictionary app which the foundation has developed.
 It's another famous company's wide-language Android dictionary.
It promotes 40 plus languages including French, English, Spanish etc. It also includes phrases from legal, medical or several other unique areas.
It also includes several encyclopedias including Wikipedia. It gives the right pronunciation of words.
 It also offers an sophisticated search choice that includes a clause beginning with or ending with it.
This app is downloaded by about 50 million customers.

 Dictionary Wordweb–Top Best Dictionary For Android 
Dictionary Wordweb is the English word portal, making it the best Android Dictionary tool as well.It's an offline English dictionary for Android. It includes 2,85 words in lakh, sentences and derivative types. It also includes an instance of 70,000 utilization. It regularly offers its updates. It has an incredible system for searching. We can filter noun, pronoun, phrases, and adverbs search outcomes. It has a search mechanism that matches frequent patterns.
 This app is downloaded by about 5 million customers. From the Play store you can purchase it.


Dict Box Offline Dictionary
is another of the multi-language dictionary applications. Over two dozen languages are supported. Each language has its own dictionary to download for use offline. You can access as many or as few of them as you like. If you need one of those, it also involves an integrated thesaurus. Apart from that, the characteristics are amazingly light. The app covers the basics, including examples of sentences, term correction, and pronunciation of audio. For those searching for something a little simpler, it's a nice choice.

best dictionary app English to Hindi

English To Hindi Dictionary–Best English To Hindi Dictionary App English to Hindi Dictionary is also one of the best choices for Hindi-based customers to begin studying English. It's a lightweight Android app that delivers almost the entire word's fast significance. We can use the term Hindi to translate English and vice versa. It also offers an internet mode for a profound quest of a phrase. It offers antonyms, synonymous with various phrases in English. This app is downloaded by about 10 million customers. You can volunteer it free of charge from the Play store.

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(WORKING) How To Recover Disabled FB Account 2019

(WORKING) How To Recover Disabled FB Account 2019

Recovering a disabled Facebook account is not a simple job. I'll inform you the Recover Disabled Facebook Account alternative. All you need to do is simply fill in Facebook's Appeal-ID Request Form and wait for your answer. They have also recently developed Facebook Disabled Ineligible Form that can assist people whose account has been disabled to violate Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Facebook has now improved its safety by disabling tons of Fake accounts in enormous amounts. People who on their account use false names have began to lose their accounts without warning. Whenever this occurs with the consideration of someone, he/she begins searching for Disabled Facebook account reopening technique on the internet. In this post, we will discuss everything about this subject and how to get your account back.
(WORKING) How To Recover Disabled FB Account 2019

Facebook is one of the world's most famous portals for social networking. Sometimes our Facebook account is disabled.

 There are many explanations for this!! In this situation, we are starting to search for How to open Facebook account with disabilities?. If you're facing the same thing, here's the step-by-step Facebook account reactivation guide. Yeah!!You'll get your account back, just do the disabled account appeal-id application.

"My private account has been disabled," is the most annoying website, Facebook sometimes demonstrates us. Lots of Facebook account are disabled nowadays. And individuals began looking for how to open Facebook account with disabilities on Google. We discovered one and only one technique after looking for it to restore disabled fb account that is disabled account application appeal-id. Just, appeal and wait to get a Facebook account that is handicapped.

If you did the same thing, don't care. We're here now! We're going to discuss everything about this subject in this post: how to reactivate disabled Facebook account. If your ID is too ancient, you will need to get it back. So, all you need to do is just closely follow this manual.

Some individuals believe their profile is continuously disabled, but their account is for any security aim only temporarily disabled. So, let me first of all distinguish between these two circumstances. If your account is temporarily disabled, it will show that your account is disabled whenever you attempt to login. In this situation, you can readily re-open your disabled Facebook account by the technique described below.

Here are some reasons why your Facebook account is locked: Using Fake Name Using Stylish Fonts In Your Account Name Posting Content That Violated Facebook Terms & Conditions In another situation, if your account is permanently disabled, your account will be shown to be permanently handicapped. 

You're never going to get your account back in this scenario. I hope now that your issues like Facebook account fake name disabled, Facebook account disabled for no reason and all are deleted. Well, according to me, a Stylish and Fake name is the primary reason behind this. So, always prevent using your FB account with other names. Also, check how Facebook page can be verified.

If your account is momentarily disabled, you need not care about it. Let me clarify the recovery of the disabled Facebook account step by step method.

How to re-open Facebook ID that has been disabled?

1) Open this link in your browser:-Disabled Account Appeal 

2) Enter your licensed email, the initial name you used on your account, and add the initial Valid Govt. ID Proof on it with the same name and DOB.

3) Now enter in the correct type all the needed information and finally press the Send button.

4) Submit your Review form effectively.

Your form is now presented effectively. You will be reviewed by Facebook and answered within 4-5 days.

 It's not certain that this method will open your account. If your profile appears legal and there's nothing that violates the terms of Facebook, then I'm sure your account will be readily opened. This is how to allow Facebook account that has been disabled. Well, in any condition we all need our account back so don't wait for anything and open all your disabled accounts using this form. Finally, I manage to find the 100% operating alternative to open the Facebook account that is handicapped. Let the ancient technique understand you.

Next, the issue in your mind is: How do I get an answer from Facebook? The response is easy, just visit your email in a short time (from which you joined the attraction). You will obtain a response from Facebook in the mail and then make sure that your account is opened or not.

Recently, Facebook has also developed a fresh type that is Facebook Disabled Ineligible Form for those who have been disabled for breaking Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.
  This form won't operate for you if there is any other reason. Go for the primary measures given below in that scenario.

facebook account disabled ineligible

 Also remember, don't attempt to ship Appeal over and over again. If you spam on Facebook, your account will never be opened.
 Just send your account once and wait for your answer. If everything looks good, you'll get back your account.
 Check out how to change the account name of Facebook before 3 months.

Most Important Advice: Some individuals with Fake Govt are trying to open their account. IDs are, but never forgotten.
 It's not such a small location on Facebook. You can't control it. And it appears evident from Fake Proofs.
 If you found Facebook, you try to submit Fake ID, your account will be completely disabled. SO, you never try to steal Facebook. Simply enter your original ID and wait for Facebook's reply.

So, this is the only manner Facebook account with disabilities can be recovered within a day. Real Govt is all you need.
 ID evidence that I mentioned in the above measures and submit your evidence with Disabled Account Appeal-ID Facebook Request form and wait for their response. 
I hope that through this phase you'll get your account back. Otherwise, there is no other alternative for opening a Facebook account that is handicapped. Well, don't worry, people get their disabled Facebook account back in most cases, but it's just I d that's all with you. All the right information about you should be in your account. Forget your account if you use a fake name or something. Therefore, attempt your luck.

facebook account disabled fake name

If Facebook claims you have two accounts or made an account with something like a false name, you may receive a message that reads, we will contact you at the email account you provided after reviewing your ID. You're shut out of Facebook now. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be accomplished if this is the situation until Facebook explores the problem and contacts you.

You may want to attempt to appeal to Facebook if you still have access to the email address you supplied when establishing the account. The following section demonstrates the measures to do this: how to recover a Facebook account that has been disabled.

Facebook may ask why you made the fake account name. Give them a good reason and tell them that you will enter the real name so just give that account back to you

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(VERIFIED) How To Record Whatsapp Calls 2019

(VERIFIED) How To Record Whatsapp Calls 2019

 If you prefer to call your girlfriend or friends or family member. :-p Well, I'm not getting into the details of your private partnership. Many of us like to hear our call again and again if it's exciting (in GF/BF instances) or perhaps we want to know it because it's a big call from your boss or someone will inform you the reality about something
(VERIFIED) How To Record Whatsapp Calls 2019

Due to its Free Calling feature, people love Whatsapp as it enables you to call any of your contacts as soon as you can for free. But one of the biggest problems people face in this feature is that you can't record your phone's Whatsapp calls. Many Whatsapp consumers are searching for how to record Whatsapp calls on Android on Google?.
 Let me reply that there is no function Whatsapp provides for recording Whatsapp calls, but you can do that with the Whatsapp Call Recorder app.

Many individuals want to record Android phone calls from Whatsapp, are you? If so, this post will be heaven for you. Whatsapp has already introduced a fresh function that allows us to call our friends free of charge on Whatsapp. For at probably 4-5 hours, most people who have an Android phone will use Whatsapp daily. Young individuals use Whatsapp messenger to chat with buddies while some individuals use Whatsapp to chat with their business.
 Whatsapp enables different kinds of people in different respects.

Well, come to the conclusion about Whatsapp Call Feature we're speaking about. Hmm! Whatsapp call function is nowadays very common with many individuals using the Whatsapp call function. Even after Whatsapp launched this function, Whatsapp only received a lot of fresh customers due to this function, as this Whatsapp call function offers its customers with free calling service. But many people want to record Whatsapp call on their mobile phone, but in Whatsapp there is no way to record call on our device.
 This is bad news for every Whatsapp user, but using a third-party app on your Android or iPhone, you can record your Whatsapp calls.

Can we record WhatsApp calls?
In every Whatsapp consumer, this is a popular issue. Everyone intends to understand how to record the call from WhatsApp and many of them are searching for Whatsapp call recorder on google.
Many of them have had to trick or technique to register Whatsapp calls, while some have been unable to register Whatsapp calls so far. If you're also looking for a way to record Whatsapp calls, don't care because your wait is over now. I'm supposed to share a trick here to record Whatsapp calls.

How to Record Whatsapp Calls On Android I'm going to share a step-by-step tutorial in this post to record Whatsapp calls on Android or iPhone.
 By using Whatsapp on their OS, Android and iPhone both beat each other. Whatsapp is mostly used on the iPhone, but Whatsapp has been used more in Android devices since last year. Billions of people use Whatsapp on Android and iPhone and not on PC because Whatsapp is unable to start any PC user software, but this issue is fixed now. Whatsapp Messenger for Windows and Mac has recently been introduced, yes!! You can now use Whatsapp without any Android emulator or anything on our computer.
Let's get to the point

How To Record Whatsapp Calls On Android

1) Download the Whatsapp Call Recorder app from the section below on your Android: Whatsapp Call Recorder
 2) After downloading, installing and opening it on your computer.

0) You should use Settings > > Security > > Unknown sources to allow the setup of internal applications if you have an error message concerning permissions.
Allow the installation of the App from Unknown Sources option
3) You are prepared to register Whatsapp calls. Now open Whatsapp and create anybody's calls.

4) Open the Whatsapp call recorder app after your call is effectively linked and press the Red Circle key.

Record whatsapp calls Whatsapp Call Recorder 5) After pressing the Red button, it will begin recording your call.

6) Now, if you want to prevent recording, just press the key under the Red button, i.e. Round from outside and Square from inside.

7) Your video will be saved to the Amazing AVR folder in your SD Card.


WAY 2 
DU Recorder is without any ads and limitations one of the Best Free Apps.
It is a stable and high-quality screen recorder that allows you to record anything on your computer display using this app (for example: Game Videos).

This will definitely operate with WhatsApp Video Calls capturing as well. So, just pursue the easy measures:
 Step 1: Google Play Store's first download and add DU Recorder app.

Step 2: Now unlock this app and make all the necessary changes before capturing a video (e.g. video quality, place of storage, etc.).

Step 3: Open this app and tap on the ' Floating Recording icon ' whenever you create or obtain a WhatsApp video call. It will begin recording the display with a voice immediately. That's It.

How To Record Whatsapp Calls ON IPHONE
When it gets to privacy, iOS is fairly rigorous, so there's no easy way to record calls whether it's WhatsApp or cell phone. However, there is a hack that performs the job, but a lot of job is needed. It's a tedious method where you need a Mac, an iPhone, and a WhatsApp account secondary smartphone. The Android or iPhone may be the secondary tool. As your main unit remains attached to your Mac for recording, we need a secondary unit.

1. Connect your iPhone to Mac and authorize you to do so. Open QuickTime now and click on the menu File. Here, choose “New Audio Recording”, select your iPhone as the source, and click on the record button.

Recording start . Make a WhatsApp call from your iPhone to your secondary WhatsApp unit. Use the group calling feature of WhatsApp once linked to add the individual you want to speak to.

Initiating the call group in whatsapp . Now use the secondary tool to proceed the discussion. Stop recording on Quicktime after you've finished the discussion and save it on your Mac.

Continuing whatsApp discussion Note: Keep your iPhone attached to your Mac throughout the discussion. In the group call, all three WhatsApp figures should also be present. Disconnecting any machine prevents the recording.

hidden whatsapp call recorder - 

Step 1: Open your device's Google Play Store and Download & Install Cube ACR App.

Step 2: Now unlock this app, press' Next' as normal on the Welcome Screen. Give this app authorization to save recorded calls, listen to audio calls, detect incoming and outgoing calls, and so on. Record WhatsApp Call Audio and Video Automatically 

Step 3: If your phone allows VoIP Call recording, you will request approval from Accessibility Services to record calls immediately, otherwise an error window will indicate you that your system does not support VoIP App. If it is, tap the menu icon (3 horizontal row)–> tap the' Record' button under' Settings.' 
Under' VoIP recording,' scroll down and enable / On' Ignore VoIP Support Check.' Tap' I Understand' and tap' Enable App Connector' on the next display (as shown below).

Record WhatsApp Call Audio CUBE ACR Enable / On' Cube Call Recorder App Connector' will unlock accessibility services. 

Step 4: Now, whenever your phone or WhatsApp (VoIP) receives a call, it will begin recording automatically. If for any particular call you want to modify self file, you can modify it from the flying icon on the display.

Record That's It WhatsApp Call Audio CUBE ACR App. You can also visit other configurations from your menu, such as the standard storage.

How To Delete Whatsapp Group (FASTEST WORKING METHOD) 2019

How To Delete Whatsapp Group (FASTEST WORKING METHOD) 2019

WhatsApp provides us with an excellent opportunity to keep in contact with relatives, colleagues or colleagues. We addressed how consumers can use WhatsApp to share pictures on mobile phones in a previous manual. We have since obtained feedback from WhatsApp customers wondering if there is any easier way to send pictures to the relatives and enable them to download pictures through WhatsApp to their mobile phone. Luckily, WhatsApp is called the WhatsApp Group function. WhatsApp Group Chat allows you to chat each moment with up to 256 individuals other than one individual.
How To Delete Whatsapp Group
How To Delete Whatsapp Group

WhatsApp groups, based on the community you are a member or a part of, can be irritating or unpleasant.
 Some groups are very helpful and continuing to be their member makes sense.
 However, it is necessary to immediately mute the organizations that are irritating. And if this is feasible, you can also delete the group.

Delete Whatsapp Group Permanently,  But how can a WhatsApp group be deleted? It is not as straightforward as clicking the delete key.
 Why are you asking? Because there is no delete key in WhatsApp by default. To delete it, you must first leave the group. Confused? Don't be that.

In this article, we will clear up all your confusions about deleting a WhatsApp group.


You will be the group's' Admin / Administrator' whenever you make a group. And you have more power over others when you're the admin. And it's simple when it comes to group deletion.

  •  Select Group Info Bar at the top of the display 
  •  Scroll down to the bottom (you can find delete alternatives here) 
  •  Select and verify.


You must also have admin access to that specific group to delete a WhatsApp group. You may also delete the section if you are not an admin.

Although the said group will only be removed from your computer and you won't be allowed to see that group's texts and other media things on your device anymore. So just do as instructed below to delete a WhatsApp group from your computer.

  • Open your account for WhatsApp.
  • Go to the group you'd like to remove yourself from.
  • Tap the name of the group.
  • You will see all the incidental information for the group.
  • Simply scroll down to see the "Exit Group" choice.
  • A pop-up appears to verify your group exit.
  • Tap' Exit' again, and you won't be the part of the group anymore.

HOW TO Mute or clear group conversation in WhatsApp

 Other than quitting or deleting a group from your device, WhatsApp also offers other alternatives that you can handle group chatting, like silencing a group chat as well as deleting group chat background. Without the irritating notifications, the former enables you to obtain WhatsApp emails, the later enables consumers extract group chat records from the device to recover more free storage room.

whatsapp is great but sometimes its necessary to clean up stuff that you dont actually need.